Be Aircon Smart in 2009 ..TCSNQ cleans Airconditioners !

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We are now near the end of March and enjoying the sunshine here in Townsville. After the recent weather with rain and hot humid days, mould has bloomed out in many a place. There was talk on the radio for different cures to rid of mould in the home. Not only does it make it unsightly, it also can set off allergies and asthma for people who suffer from dust and mould.

As we live in Townsville, humid weather encourages us to use the air conditioners more to make our lifestyle more comfortable. Whilst we are cooling off in our lounge or bedroom, we also should be aware of the air quality circulating through the split system or box type air conditioner.

Box type units (RAC) usually have a fresh air exhaust vent for fresh air flow during long operating periods. Domestic wall type Split Systems mostly in homes do not have a exhaust vent for fresh air. Fresh air usually infiltrates the home via door openings, windows etc. If the house is locked up all day and night, the air can become stale. Mould likes to flourish in humid areas, especially if the air conditioner has been running and the house locked up without adequate air circulation. If we are going to use the aircon to enjoy comfortable living indoors, it is a good practice to keep them clean on a yearly basis. Especially for the lounge, family room and main bedrooms most used. Rooms not used very often can be cleaned at 2 -3 year interval. Be aircon smart and help the environment.

Getting in the practice of cleaning at least the main bedroom and lounge on a yearly basis can help the environment and your family. It will run more efficient, reducing operating costs plus cool your home with cleaner air from your air conditioner.

It is easy for you to clean the air filters every 1 - 2 months in the summer. But all the dirt and mould is collected on the cooling coil behind the air filters and on the blower fan and air vents or louvre blades. Drainpipes can be partially blocked with algae or hornet’s nests. This can become worse and cause water to  flow down the wall inside your room. This usually happens in the summer and humid times. You can also get them cleaned before or just after summer so the mould and dust doesn’t get to the horrid level.

Cleaning your airconditioners and getting the air filters out to clean can be tricky or difficult for some people. No problemo!  Just be aircon smart .. you relax , call Kevin (TCSNQ) to clean them for you. How easy is that.

Kevin pride’s his work in doing the best he can to clean them up.  Afterwards, people have commented on how quiet they run, smell fresh and cool much better. The price is reasonable and affordable representing  ..value for money. Most of his work is via word of mouth and referrals. To do a good clean on a split can take 1 - 2 hours, depending on the amount of dirt and mould present. Kevin has a set price to clean your units depending on the number of units, the age and condition , location etc. This helps you with your budget and not having to worry about watching your clock, if charging a service call fee plus a hourly charge rate as he would normally for a qualified tradeperson visiting your home.

After a good clean on your split systems, you and your family can enjoy clean cool air!

Now you can also … be Aircon Smart this year !

Give Kevin a call on Mobile 0410 388 392 .

You can try the Aircon Smart Test at

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