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Frogs croaking in the airconditioner.

In my days going about Townsville cleaning split systems, I sometimes come across our green frogs wanting to cool off as well.

I got 5-6 good size frogs out of this one. They were quite relaxed and did not want to move out. But I told them I was  here to clean up the aircon and they had to relocate. They agreed to move on in a orderly fashion.

The aircon ran quiet and cool after a good clean.


Get your Split Systems cleaned for 2013 summer.

Dirty fan in split

The new year is under way with heavy rain weather boosting the humidity.

Aircons will sweat, leak water and not cool efficiently if the filters, cooling coils, drains and blower fans are dirty.

The mold can also set off allergies related to hayfever and asthma.

Dirty and inefficent units use more power to run resulting in higher electricity bills.

Give Kevin a call on Mobile 0410 388 392 and get your aircon working better.

Get your air conditioner cleaned now!

Don’t let your airconditioners give your family an unhealthy summer! By now you should be organising to have your split systems or box type wall airconditioners cleaned so they operate at maximum effect during the hot summer months. Creating and maintaining a healthy environment for your family is essential.In most homes there’s dust, mites and mould, and air conditioners add even more to the atmosphere. But have them cleaned regularly and mites and spores can be kept to a minimum.

Your split system can have accumulated dust and mould spores on the cooling coil and fin area, plus algae in the drain pan. But a good clean of your air conditioner will leave it smelling fresh and operating more eficiently. TCSNQ takes pride in doing a complete clean. Dirt and bacteria in conditioners are a real threat. Mould, algae, dust and leaking water can all become health hazards for your family. Your air conditioner could be causing hayfever, fatigue, sore throat and sore, dry eyes. Australians spend up to 90% of their time indoors, so it’s a serious problem.

Cleaning filters is good practice, but not enough to remove built up contaminants behind the cover and in the fan and louvre areas. There is a strong demand for air conditioner maintenance people at this time. So early bookings is advisable to ensure your airconditioners are serviced in good time.

And if your selling your home, or have just bought one, cleaning the airconditioners is strongly recommended. People don’t realise how dirty their airconditioners can be until the covers come off. New airconditioners should be serviced after 12 months. Especially the units in the main bedroom, kid’s or baby room and lounge area.

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