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About cleaning your airconditioner in Townsville

Hi, good to see you here. Trade Consulting Services NQ (TCSNQ) is a local business in Townsville which specialises in the cleaning of split systems and box type wall airconditioners. Dust, mold, bacteria and algae can be present in your airconditioner. This can be irritating for asthma and allergy suffers. It could be causing hayfever, fatigue, sore throat and sore, dry eyes in the family. Australians spend up to 90% of their time indoors, so it’s a serious problem. Having your split system cleaned regularly, mites and spores can be kept to a minimum, making life more comfortable.

Cleaning your filters is not enough. People don’t realise how dirty the unit is once the covers come off. If you are selling or renovating your home, or have just bought one, cleaning the airconditioner is strongly recommended.

A good clean will leave it smelling fresh and operating more efficiently. New airconditioners should be cleaned after 12 months . This can prevent dust and mold buildup on the unit. If left too long, mold can stain visible parts on the unit giving it a unhygenic and dirty appearance. Something to avoid with nice furnishings in your home. You can call us for information about the airconditioners in your home.

Getting your airconditioner cleaned is easy. Just call Kevin on 0410 388 392 and schedule a time or contact us on

Well, look forward to hearing from you soon


Airconditioning Installers

If you are looking to replace a old airconditioner or installing a new split system, we are able to direct you to some contractors who specialise in this area. Contact us on or ring Kevin on 0410 388 392 for details.

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