FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I ask people…

…when was the last time you cleaned your airconditioner?

A. Most say…I wash the filter every 1 - 2 months, but the unit has never been cleaned since purchased 2 - 5 years ago. (Imagine not cleaning your ceiling fan or shower for this length of time)

Q. How often should I clean my airconditioner?

A. Ideally, air filters and unit clean & tidy every 1 - 2 months. A good clean up in winter or spring each 1 - 2 years depending on operation time and environmental conditions. This can improve performance in summertime plus save on running costs. Your family will also have a healthier home environment.

Q. Who can clean my airconditioners?

A. An experienced and qualified tradesperson can clean the drain, fan, cooling coil plus the air filter and plastic cover vents. Also cleaning of the outdoor unit as required.

Q. Will my airconditioner work better after a good clean?

A. Yes, it should cool more efficiently, reduce run time, save power and prevent water leaking. Provided gas charge is ok and unit capacity is adequate for room area. It will have a clean and new look.

Whether at home or work, everyone including the kids, pet dog or cat can enjoy clean cool air.

Q. Does the box type airconditioner have to be removed from the wall? 

A. Most of the time I can clean the necessary areas without having to remove the unit. If the unit is badly leaking water into your room down the wall, it may then have to be removed for cleaning. This will cost extra as it will need extra labour and may need electricals disconnected if on lower tariff power or in a rental property.