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Warmer times ahead.

acvc-ad.jpgHi, the days are getting warmer now. So it won’t be long before we start using those aircons again. If you have not had them cleaned or checked in the last 6 months to a year, now is a good time to give them a checkup and clean. The last quarter before Christmas is not far away. Get in before the summer rush and school holidays so the units are ready to perform at their best. having them cleaned will save you money on reduced energy bills. The health of your family is enhanced with the dirt and mold in the aircon cleaned. Sometimes when checking the system operation on a aircon clean, there can be a fault in the unit you may not be aware of as the compressor does not run much in cooler weather. It is better ti identify this now rather than later. If found earlier, some repairs can be fixed under warranty. Otherwise you will be up for the costs of or a new unit to be fitted. Control cards repairs can be $500 plus and a new system installation can range $1300 - $2000. The cost of a good aircon clean and a operation check early could save you a lot of money. Kevin is a qualified air conditioning and refrigeration tradesperson Who has done his apprenticeship here in Townsville. He offers his knowledge and experience as part of his aircon cleaning service. just cleaning your aircon is not enough for Kevin. He wants to prolong the life of the unit and let you have access to his experience for peace of mind. A few more drains will be blocking up in split systems causing water to drip inside the room.

Kevin has been specialising in cleaning air cons for near 7 years now. He is the owner of the business and he is the person doing the aircon clean for you. Give Kevin a call now to check your system starts leaking water. Mobile 0410388392.

Frogs making music in a Split System…


Croaking split systems in Townsville !




Hi everyone, I have come across frogs in split systems. Probably cooling off in the cool drain water. Try to prevent a big mess developing inside your split system. Get them cleaned yearly before mould stains the plastic and residents leave their marks behind. Your home will be more healthier. It may look ok from the outside…but behind the covers is where the real nasties hide.65189_491271970896127_1039921819_n.jpg

The Heat and Christmas season will be here soon.

kev-1.jpgThat’s right.  The days are pleasant and it is the enjoyable weather in Townsville. It won’t take long before we will be clicking those air conditioners on more frequently. If they have not been serviced in the last 1-2 years, it would be smart to get them cleaned and checked for proper operation.

It is a good time before the coming festive season.  Sometimes the units only need a clean & tidy if they have not been in use much.

Most importantly, keep the air filters clean. If you have trouble opening the cover or cannot use a step ladder due to a medical condition, call Kevin to see if he can help.

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