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How to save Energy with Air Conditioning?

Energy Saving tips when using air


Here are some simple things you can do to save energy when using an air conditioner:

  • Install the air conditioner (or outdoor unit of a split system) on the shady side of the house (or shade the air conditioner itself); make sure the air flow around it isn’t obstructed. with plants, The temperature of a heated room in winter should be between 18-21Âmbient °C while the temperature of a cooled room in summer should be about 23-26Âmbient °C (remember the humidity indoors will be low, so it will feel cooler). The temperature should be checked after the air conditioner has been operating for 30 - 45 minutes.
  • When a hot day is expected, turn on the air conditioner earlier rather than wait till the house becomes hot (it operates more efficiently when the outside air temperature is cooler).
  • Keep windows and doors closed when using a refrigerative air conditioners . Evaporative type air conditioners require some air flow and are used more in low humidity environments. Close curtains on hot summer days and cold winter nights. Outdoor shading of windows in summer is very effective.
  • If the indoor unit has adjustable louvres, adjust them towards the ceiling when cooling, and towards the floor when heating (as cool air falls, hot air rises).
  • Regular cleaning of air filters as per manufacturer’s recommendations..

Air Conditioning Hints & Tips for home

Air Conditioning Hints and Tips

for home general maintenance

and usage tips for clean cool air.

Here are some energy saving tips to get the most out of your air conditioner at home.

  • Shut windows and external doors when operating the air conditioner
  • Minimise the area being cooled by shutting doors to unused rooms
  • Regularly clean filters
  • Locate the external section of the air conditioner (compressor) away from direct sunlight, and with good air flow around it
  • Set the thermostat between 24 and 26Âmbient °C
  • Reduce the amount of heat entering your home by shading windows and walls, insulating ceilings and walls.
  • Open up windows and external doors if the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature, instead of using the air conditioner.

When selecting an air conditioner, look for:

  • Programmable timer and thermostat controls. Set your air conditioner at the highest temperature setting at which you still feel cool enough, 25Âmbient ºC is usually adequate. Each 1Âmbient °C increase of the thermostat setting will save about 10% on your energy usage
  • Movement sensors, which reduce power and energy usage when the room is unoccupied
  • ‘Set-back’ and ’sleep’ modes that automatically adjust thermostat settings
  • Economy settings
  • Multi-speed fan operation
  • Adjustable and rotating louvres
  • Remote thermostats and controls

Winter Servicing helps Air Conditioning

July is here , and it’s getting cooler. So now is a good time to have your split systems and box air conditioners cleaned and checked. If you do, they will be better prepared to cope with the next summer heat and humidity. Kevin Chun Tie of TCSNQ is well aware of what can be lurking in your room conditioner. The more you use your air conditioners, the dirtier they will get inside. and the end result is a unit full of dirt, mould and algae.

Airconditioners should be serviced every year. Especially the lounge, family room and main bedroom as these get most use. If you have teenagers still living at home or  a new baby, their air conditioners should be cleaned also. The young are more prone to respiratory symptoms as they are still developing. Some Manufacturers require that split systems be serviced each year to maintain their new purchase five - year warranty. If your airconditioners are not cleaned, checked or serviced, service calls and repairs during warranty period could be charged to the customer.

“People don’t realise how dirty their airconditioners are ..until the covers come off”, kevin says. Air conditioners can cause hayfever, fatigue, sore throats, dry eyes, aggravate asthma symptoms.

Let Kevin clean your air conditioners regularly and mites and spores can be kept to a minimum. Cleaning the filters yourself is good, but it isn’t enough. The cooling coil, drain and covers accumulate dirt, mould and algae. This is where Kevin comes in and solves these problem areas, leaving your airconditioner clean and smelling fresh. Units run more efficiently and save power costs after being cleaned regularly. They will last longer before replacement. It is a worthwhile service to get Kevin to clean your air conditioners … to protect your family from health hazards in the home, to enjoy comfortable living conditions and look after these home assets.

For your service, ring Kevin today on 0410 388 392

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