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Are you buying or selling a home?

If you are in the process of looking at a new home or investment property, get your building inspector to check and note the condition of the air conditioning units throughout the house. Even after 1 -2 years, dirt and mold can be accumulated on the outside covers and especially on the internal working parts of the indoor unit. Parts like the air filter, cooling coil, drain assembly, fan louvres, fan housing and fan blower. These contaminated parts can sources of bacteria and algae which can set off allergies for hayfever and asthma sufferers. Yes, it is a serious health concern which can affect your entire family, especially the children and babies. Kevin at TCSNQ can clean the indoor units so they smell fresh and operate more efficiently.

This can save power running costs and enhance the comfort levels in your home. At the time of signing a contract of sale, it can be helpful to note that the air conditioners be cleaned prior to settlement date. Most vendors are agreeable to cover the costs of getting this service performed. Sometimes a 50/50 share of the cost can be agreed upon. Either way, it is a good reason to have it done at this time as access to the units is easier after furniture is removed or before it is delivered by the new owners.

Another good time is to get them cleaned before you list the house on the market. It can be a good bonus benefit to mention to interested persons on open house days. Most people get the carpet aand windows cleaned, but dirty and moldy airconditioner can have a musky smell in the room. Sometimes you can see the mold and dust on thr front covers.

Well, next time you are out and about house hunting, take a note of how clean the airconditioners. They can be clean on the outside, but filthy and moldy behind the covers. It usually takes a specialised service which Kevin performs to clean them up. The homeowner usually does not have the required equipment and setup to do it. Most can only clean the air filters. It it what lies behind the filters which need cleaning. Easy to find out…just ask the vendor or agent, when was the last time the air conditioners were cleaned by a qualified air conditioning tradesperson or Kevin himself?

Most people will say, 4 yrs or never since they were installed. Some homes for sale are 6-10 years of age and the air conditioners have never been properly cleaned. So next time, hopefully you will know if the air conditioners need a clean in the house you just looked at over the weekend.

Happy house hunting or selling !

Are you buying, selling or renovating a home?

October and November is an ideal time to start preparing your home and garden for summer and your visitors over the christmas and new year holiday season. One very good idea is to have your airconditioner cleaned and checked before summer arrives with a vengeance.

Not only will the airconditioners operate more efficiently and save power consumption, you will also create a healthier environment in your home. If you are in the process of buying a home, it is advisable to ask the agent to note the airconditioners to be cleaned in the “condition clauses” in the contract of sale. Some building and house inspectors will note this in their report, but it is better if you get it mentioned and work carried out prior to settlement date.

On the other hand, if you are selling a home, it is a extra benefit to the presentation and sale of your home. Besides reflecting the pride you have in the property you are offering to potential buyers, you are presenting a healthy and clean environment. People always get the carpets and windows cleaned prior to sale. But what about the mould and dirt in the airconditioner? The ceiling fans get cleaned, even the bathroom. Yet the average split system or box type airconditioner gets forgotten. It can have accumulated dust and mould spores, algae in the drain pan which can trigger asthma and hayfever symptoms. A good clean will leave the airconditioner smelling fresh. Some new home owners are reluctant to turn the split system on if it has dust and mould visible on the covers and air vents. Some homes are 5 years old when purchased and the airconditioners have never been cleaned since initially installed.

If you are renovating your home, it is advisable to have the airconditioners cleaned afterwards. If sanding floors, the wood dust has most likely clogged up the air filters and cooling coil. Dirt and bacteria collecting inside the conditioners are a real threat. Mould, algae, dust and leaking water can all become health hazards for your family and interior furnishings.

So if you are buying, selling or renovating your home, it makes good sense to have your airconditioners cleaned.

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