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Frogs making music in a Split System…


Croaking split systems in Townsville !




Hi everyone, I have come across frogs in split systems. Probably cooling off in the cool drain water. Try to prevent a big mess developing inside your split system. Get them cleaned yearly before mould stains the plastic and residents leave their marks behind. Your home will be more healthier. It may look ok from the outside…but behind the covers is where the real nasties hide.65189_491271970896127_1039921819_n.jpg

Why people choose a Tradesperson … because it makes a difference!

** Who cleans your airconditioners? ….Read more…
Kevin Chun Tie is a qualified Airconditioning & Refrigeration Tradesperson who has specialised in cleaning domestic split systems and box type units in Townsville for more than 5 years in his own business. Having completed his apprenticeship at Philips Service and Allens Industries in 1974, he carried out service repair and maintenance works on many domestic homes, commercial buildings and Industrial plants in Townsville and surrounds.

Kevin says: In those days, we used to do multiple aspects of our trade like Airconditioning, Refrigeration, Commercial Installation. We installed large central aircon plants and commissioned them for use. We also did Marine refrigeration, car airconditioning, Beer temprites on trawlers and Hotels. Some buildings he has worked on are: The Aquarius, Norqeb, News Ltd, ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Bank of NSW, Heli Hangar at Raaf Base, Ingham & Burdekin Sugar mills, Collinsville Power Stn. Aircon systems was used to dry the raw sugar while being processed.

Kevin also operated his own business servicing refrigerators for the Defense Housing Authority for Army & RAAF Married quarters here in Townsville. In 1985, he was the Duty Engineer at the Sheraton Breakwater Casino Hotel. He monitored and did service work to all essential services in the building. The aircon system was a chilled water type with Computer Energy management System to monitor load shedding of electricity in the building. He says: It had 2 main Chiller units of 650 Ton (refrigeration capacity). Each chiller could aircon 65 homes. The current power was 150 amps AC per chiller when operating. (Solar panels could help)

Kevin saw a need for the domestic type aircons to be maintained and cleaned to extend their duty cycle and operating performance.
He thought and devised a system to clean the units in the home. As he was used to working in a “Five Star” Hotel and not a construction or mine site, his attitude of working safe, clean & tidy. His Key Employee licence at the hotel - Casino had background checks back to last 10 years by the govt. (The Casino dealers CE Licence was a 5 year backgroud check) As Kevin had access to sensitive areas like surveillance and hard count rooms, checks were more in depth. Customers are assured as owner operator, their home is safe while Kevin is working on their airconditioners.

When Kevin is cleaning the aircons, he is also checking the system for possible problems that may be there or could arise. A lot of times, people do not know there is a problem until he notices it. Kevin looks at it through the eyes of a tradesperson (not just an aircon cleaner) to ensure it is functioning properly.

He says: some times there are problems with the outdoor unit or gas. Power isolator switches can be faulty. Sometimes these switches can be turned off with power of 240 V still at the indoor unit. It is important to use a qualified tradesperson where possible rather than a person who is not trade qualified. There are certain safety procedures to be aware of when cleaning domestic airconditioners, especially split systems. Some circuit breakers control multiple room aircon units. Incorrect testing procedures could result in a fatality of an electric shock. Qualified Tradespersons are aware of these things. How can a unqualified person be aware of what they have not learnt. Price is not an issue, getting a unqualified tradesperson at a low price to clean your aircons may not be a safe and smart decision.

Kevin is Trade Qualified, he can give you “5 Star” Service, and most of his business is by referral or word of mouth with various advertising. You could say: ” Kevin is the best kept secret in Townsville” He gives “5 STAR service” to his customers with cleaning their airconditioners. If you want to join his group of happy customers…call him on Mob: 0410388392 . Also check his website at (7 photos)


Frogs croaking in the airconditioner.

In my days going about Townsville cleaning split systems, I sometimes come across our green frogs wanting to cool off as well.

I got 5-6 good size frogs out of this one. They were quite relaxed and did not want to move out. But I told them I was  here to clean up the aircon and they had to relocate. They agreed to move on in a orderly fashion.

The aircon ran quiet and cool after a good clean.


How to deal with mold in your home.

read these tips from the mold Guide.

copy the link and paste it in the browser.

Australia Day …. Air conditioners need to be clean and efficient !

If your air conditioners didn’t cope with the heat and humidity over Christmas and the New Year, you should have phoned Kevin Chun Tie at Trade Consulting Services NQ (TCSNQ). He would have told you that dirty, congested air conditioners not only don’t work at maximum efficiency, but can also spread some very unhealthy things in the atmosphere.

Even though you have the conditioners going full blast, if they haven’t been cleaned and serviced for a while, you won’t get the full effect of cool air, plus you might get something nasty from growths, mites and spores inside the indoor cooling unit.

Air conditioners which are dirty and choked with a variety of growths can be a serious threat to family and friends. You can have them serviced now by Kevin and the air conditioners will work at maximum efficiency in 2008. The secret is to book your service now, before Kevin also gets overloaded !

In most homes there’s dust, mites and mould, and air conditioners can smell musky and distribute airborne bacteria in bedrooms, lounge, dining room and kitchen. If you have them cleaned regularly, mites, mould and spores can be kept to a minimum, making life more comfortable and healthy. Your split system air conditioner can have accumulated dust and mould on the cooling coiland fan area behind the air filters. Algae can also be partially blocking the drain pan outlet pipe.

A good clean will leave your air conditioner smelling fresh and operating efficiently. And Kevin knows how to do a complete clean, not just wash the filters. Your air conditioner could also be causing hayfever, fatigue, sore throat and sore dry eyes. Sometimes asthma can triggered by the bacteria in the indoor cooling fan unit. As Australians spend up to 90% of their time indoors, it’s a serious problem! So keep your cool in 2008, call Kevin today on 0410 388 392. If your air conditioners are dirty, they run longer to cool down the temperature. This uses more energy and contributes to the “Green house Effect”and depletes our ozone layer. So, on Australia day..think about creating a healthier future for our children, and keep our air conditioners clean and operating efficiently, for a cooler tomorrow. Cheers for Australia.. hip hip Hooray!

Don’t let your dirty air conditioners make your family sick.

Kevin Chun Tie at TCSNQ can make your air conditioner clean and safe to live with.

Over the Christmas break, we experienced hot and humid weather with a short burst of some rain showers. Air conditioners were going full blast trying to keep everyone cool and comfortable.  If your air conditioner has not been cleaned for a while, you could be giving your family a unhealthy summer. Split Systems and (Rac’s) Box type wall air conditioners which are dirty and choked with a variety of growths…don’t work very well. Now is a good time to get them serviced so they can work at maximum efficiency. The secret is to book your service now, as Kevin gets very busy as are most service trades in Townsville.

In most homes there’s dust, mites and mould, plus conditioners can add more to the atmosphere. But have them cleaned regularly and mites and spores can be kept to a minimum, making life more comfortable.

Your split system air conditioner can have accumulated dust and mould spores on the cooling coil and fan area, plus algae in the drain pan. But a good clean by Kevin will leave your air conditioner smelling fresh and operating efficiently. And Kevin knows just how to do a complete clean. Kevin is also a qualified tradesperson, so he can offer advice on your existing system plus any new split systems you intend installing in the future. If you are not sure what size unit you need for the space to be air conditioned, give him a call.

Asthma and hayfever sufferers are sensitive to dust and mould in the home. Mould, algae, dust and leaking water can all become health hazards for your family. Your air conditioner could also be causing hayfever, fatigue, sore throat and sore dry eyes. As Australians spend up to 90% of their time indoors, so it’s a serious problem. If you want a worry- free summer, call Kevin today on 0410 388 392.

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