Australia Day …. Air conditioners need to be clean and efficient !

If your air conditioners didn’t cope with the heat and humidity over Christmas and the New Year, you should have phoned Kevin Chun Tie at Trade Consulting Services NQ (TCSNQ). He would have told you that dirty, congested air conditioners not only don’t work at maximum efficiency, but can also spread some very unhealthy things in the atmosphere.

Even though you have the conditioners going full blast, if they haven’t been cleaned and serviced for a while, you won’t get the full effect of cool air, plus you might get something nasty from growths, mites and spores inside the indoor cooling unit.

Air conditioners which are dirty and choked with a variety of growths can be a serious threat to family and friends. You can have them serviced now by Kevin and the air conditioners will work at maximum efficiency in 2008. The secret is to book your service now, before Kevin also gets overloaded !

In most homes there’s dust, mites and mould, and air conditioners can smell musky and distribute airborne bacteria in bedrooms, lounge, dining room and kitchen. If you have them cleaned regularly, mites, mould and spores can be kept to a minimum, making life more comfortable and healthy. Your split system air conditioner can have accumulated dust and mould on the cooling coiland fan area behind the air filters. Algae can also be partially blocking the drain pan outlet pipe.

A good clean will leave your air conditioner smelling fresh and operating efficiently. And Kevin knows how to do a complete clean, not just wash the filters. Your air conditioner could also be causing hayfever, fatigue, sore throat and sore dry eyes. Sometimes asthma can triggered by the bacteria in the indoor cooling fan unit. As Australians spend up to 90% of their time indoors, it’s a serious problem! So keep your cool in 2008, call Kevin today on 0410 388 392. If your air conditioners are dirty, they run longer to cool down the temperature. This uses more energy and contributes to the “Green house Effect”and depletes our ozone layer. So, on Australia day..think about creating a healthier future for our children, and keep our air conditioners clean and operating efficiently, for a cooler tomorrow. Cheers for Australia.. hip hip Hooray!

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