Air conditioning and Mould

What makes mould grow so fast? If a house which was up for sale and is left unoccupied, the power turned off and the curtains drawn, it is a dark, warm and damp condition for which mould spores can thrive in. An empty house has little sunlight entering due to drawn curtains and closed doors.

In summer, higher humidity levels exist in the house with air conditioning off as opposed to leaving the air conditioner on at a economy setting. Whilst the conditioning mode is on, the house is being cooled and moisture is removed from the air and recirculated through the filters in the unit. Mould is very active when humidity levels reach 70% or more.

As mentioned earlier, mould thrives in warm, dark and humid conditions. As Townsville has high humidity levels, home owners should let more sunlight into the house and open windows and doors for a period to let fresh air flow throughout the living areas.

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