It’s cool to keep split systems cleaned

Split systems can reduce the heat in your home quite effectively - and in a word that’s “cool”. But they can also cause health problems for your family and that’s definitely not so “cool”. Dirt and bacteria collecting inside the system can be a real health concern. Cleaning the air filters is good but not enough. A lot of people don’t realize how dirty the units are once the covers come off. The main culprits are the splits in the main bedroom and lounge area as they are used more often.

Higher power bills are caused by clogged coils and filters. Your airconditioner has to work much harder to cool your home. Removing the black mould and dust will improve efficiency of the system. A dirty split system could be causing hayfever, fatique, sore throat and sore, dry eyes. Cleaning and sanitising your airconditioner will leave it smelling fresh and operating more efficiently.

New split systems should be cleaned after the first 12 months to prevent dust and mould staining the parts and covers. We can give your split system a through clean. That’s a “cool” thing to do.

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